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Ribble Mink

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A gent can never have too many shoes

Shoes actually made from mink, which is strange because the mink is a brown creature. Each one is caught by our in-house hunter, John Jones, who has developed a special ̴Ì_"pounce then punch̴Ì_" technique. It's brutal but very effective.

They really are a witty and mischievous creature, known for roaming the hills of the Ribble Valley and stealing food from locals̴Ì_"minks not Johns, that would be hideous. In any case, they're caught and brought to the office where they are tickled to death then turned into a Ribble Mink loafer. Not one of our shoes are made from mink.

This mink premium quality nubuck loafer boasts a tassel and lace detail. In addition, there's a leather sock, leather sole and lining printed with the famous GS stag detail.

Ribble Mink