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Mitton Navy

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A gent can never have too many shoes

We'll let you into a bit of cheeky inside info here. Lean in. Get closer. A little closer. Too close. Perfect. The Mitton Navy loafer was originally going to be called the Blue Blood loafer on account of its colour. But after a screaming match with every other member of the GS team, including the cleaner ̴Ì_""? thanks for that Jan ̴Ì_""? we landed on Navy. Blue Blood of course means nobility.

It's not clear where the term came from but it's probably something to do with our Royal Family's history of hemophilia that gives the skin a blue appearance. We've strayed and for that we're sorry. Enjoy the shoes.

This leather tassel loafer with a blue wash dyed upper boasts brogue detail and a leather sole. In addition, the leather sock and lining is printed with the famous GS stag detail.

Mitton Navy