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Mitton Bordo

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A gent can never have too many shoes

Imagine instead of Donald Trump making it to the White House, the U.S. chose a candidate with Mexican heritage. Those Latinos love to party. Just think of inauguration day. Thousands of Latinos on Capitol Hill shouting, ̴Ì_"Julio! Julio! Julio!̴Ì_" We don't know what he'd be called but Julio Iglesias is a solid guess.

Presidente Iglesias would step out onto the stage. He would be so proud. He'd be wearing a white suit and a pair of bordo leather tassel loafers, ̴Ì_"Gracias, gracias̴Ì_" We did it! Today is going to be a good day for America.̴Ì_" You could be like Julio some day, one of the lads yet the top dog. Be like Julio.

This bordo leather tassel loafer boasts brogue detail with a leather sole. The leather sock and lining is printed with the famous GS stag detail.

Mitton Bordo