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Manhattan Black and Bordo

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A gent can never have too many shoes

There's a very good reason why our Manhattan bordo/black Oxfords are the colour they are. It's a dirty, secret. But since you're gagging to know"Goodwin Smith is very precise when it comes to quality control and only allows the perfect shoes to be sent out to a member of the GS Club. You.

Our inspectors use a uniquely developed coding system when assessing the shoes. Blue/Green means "woah boy, what the fuck is this?" Yellow/Green means "getting there sunshine" but red/black signals "get those fucking packaged now. " Not a lot of customers know that. Trust us.

This black and bordo striking contrast oxford shoe boasts analine and Italian parma leather with a chiselled toe. The leather sole, with a TPR anti-slip forepart, is laser etched with our GS stag logo.

Manhattan Black and Bordo