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Harwood Navy Petrol

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A gent can never have too many shoes

̴Ì_"Diesel̴Ì_", ̴Ì_"Gas̴Ì_", ̴Ì_"Fuel̴Ì_", ̴Ì_"V6̴Ì_", ̴Ì_"Injection̴Ì_", ̴Ì_"Clarkson̴Ì_" are all words that spring to mind when we think of the Harwood Petrol Oxford. Let's do this description like a Grand Tour trailer. Just for the fun of it. GO! This tumble washed two-tone brogues has more torque than a tractor on steroids and are so stylish they can break a woman's heart̴Ì_in half.

Some say, that this brogue, shouldn't have even been released. It has more swagger than an aspirational lion and can go from the box to your feet in under 2.3 seconds. And on that bombshell. Goodnight.

This tumble washed two tone oxford brogue features a leather sock and lining printed with the famous GS stag detail.

Harwood Navy Petrol