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Famaco kit box

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Here at GSHQ we'd prefer it if our GS Club members do the brand justice.

We've got just the tools to help get your shoes spick and span when you're out representing. First, you're going to have to embrace your inner scrubber and get to grips with the 2 polish brushes. But what good are shoe brushes without polish we hear you cry? Not. To. Worry. You'll also be furnished with two tins of polish: neutral and cure antique. A word to the wise̴Ì_don't use black one on anything but black shoes.

To help give an added touch of sophistication to your newly polished shoes you'll need a cloth. Although there isn't one to be seen in the product image, we promise you will be getting one with your purchase. Use the cloth for a quick buff or a more intense clean and polish.

Finally, no shoe kit would be complete without something to help you get the things on. Enter the folding metal shoehorn. Like a blowup doll, just simply unfold it and let yourself slip inside.
Famaco kit box