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Calder Tan

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A gent can never have too many shoes

"That belongs in a museum.̴Ì_" Classic line. We'd like to think that if Indiana ̴Ì_"watch me whip̴Ì_" Jones wore Goodwin Smith, he'd pick these. The Calder Tan Oxford is for those with: both a touch of sophistication and adventure. Let's face it, Jones was always more exciting than Bond. Jones wasn't actually being paid to go in search of stolen priceless pieces of art. ̴Ì_"Indie̴Ì_" did it out of principle.

The Calder Tan is for those who are in need of a bit of escapism and adventure. Just don't walk around brandishing a whip and breaking into old churches. Please.

This tan, premium oxford brogue made from premium nubuck leather features an innovative X light phylon sole unit which is light, flexible and durable.

Calder Tan